Brian Harris IS         Simply Elton 


Simply Elton is not just dressing up in a crazy costume and mimicking a pop icon. It is master musician Brian Harris bringing the music of Sir Elton John to life - a true concert experience of some of the greatest rock & roll music ever created. Energy, costuming, brilliant virtuoso playing and singing…..    it’s all there. Whether a full band performance backed by stellar musicians or a tour-de-force solo engagement, Simply Elton gives audiences EVERYTHING they expect from an Elton John concert.


The Mad Hatters Band

The band that backs up Simply Elton and Simply Billy is a group of talented and highly experienced individuals, stellar performers in their own right.

The band features:

Bill Dalton - Guitars, Backing Vocals

Marc Esses - Drums, Backing Vocals

Char McAllister - Duet & Backing Vocals

Michael Hesiak - Saxophone & Backing Keyboards

Steve Albue - Backing Keyboards

Gordon Patriarca - Bass

Sir Elton John Tribute "Simply Elton"